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Certainly, here's a recreated version of the information you provided:🎓 Pursue a four-year course

Certainly, here's a recreated version of the information you provided:

🎓 Pursue a four-year course to address communication disorders in the field of audiology and speech-language pathology. Allied Health Courses offering top-notch employment opportunities both in India and abroad!

▪ For those who have applied for the BASLP course, there's a new opportunity in SVNIRTAR, a government institution in Odisha, India. The BACHELOR OF AUDIOLOGY & SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY course for 2023-24 is commencing soon.

♦ For updates on new career applications, join the Career Team United channel on WhatsApp: [Link](

▪ Applicants with a background in PCB or PCM in their 12th grade are eligible to apply.

🛑 The application deadline is November 6th.

♦ Entrance exams will be held on November 19th.

▪ Classes will start in December.

▪ For more details, visit the official website: [Link](


♦ For inquiries about careers, contact: [WhatsApp](

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♦ Explore various career fields on the Career Team United website: [Website](

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Feel free to use this recreated content on your blog while ensuring that you acknowledge the source of the original information if it is available and comply with copyright and plagiarism guidelines.

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